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I am so glad to find info for fine hair. I hve used romaine for women and the densite’ loreal prod. ….
I hope to find hair extensions as I hve been searching for a year or more. I’ve had 2 surgeries which laying on ur bck doesn’t help Ur hair. I Hve mid chin length med to dr brown hair
I’m in my 60s. And wld like any help I can get info on all of this. Thnks for the prod. Info. Wld love to get more info on curl extensions. I dnt look good in straight hair.
Any catalogs avaiable. And do I want real hair or synthetic? thnk u.
Hope to find the top secret product.

In these hectic times, it may seem impossible to provide a structured lifestyle. Everyone is juggling schedules: work, school, recreation, music lessons, basketball practice, and so on. Yet in just such times, structure becomes most important. The payoff: greater productivity for your child, as well as better health and family relationships.

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